Going to Japan to see sakura (2)

Day 3  Nara

Nara is famous for their deers. They are really cute and polite. When you feed them, they will bow. It’s better to give them food if you want to take a picture with them.


This pastry tastes marvelous. If you go to Nara, you must try it!



Day 4-5

Tourist attraction: Kiyomizu Temple, Sannenzaka Ninenzaka, Hanami Koji, Yasaka Shrine, Gion, Senbon Torii, Kamo-gawa.

The apartment manager in Kyoto is very nice. We arrived in Kyoto around 7pm and asked him to recommend some restaurants. He said there is just western restaurant near the apartment. So he drove us to a restaurant that he had an appointment with his friend. He ordered food for us and then went to his friend’s table to have dinner. After that, he even bought our meal and drove us home. We left money for the meal at room in the end and wrote a note to thank him and welcome to China. 

If you want to try kimono, you can make a reservation online. We reserved online two months before departure. When you arrive the kimono renting store, you can choose the style, color and hair style.


I really like the cutest things in Japan.


After the whole-day tour, ichiran ramen helps you enjoy the rest of day in Kyoto. You can choose your preference on a machine such as adding an egg, meat and kelp.


Day 5

we reserved the Kaiseki Cusine. Actually our airbnb owner helped us to reserve because we didn’t know Japanese at all. Popular Kaiser Cuisine need to be reserved by Japanese hotel or Japanese. Maybe they want a trusted guarantee.


We booked Yumoto Fujiya Hotel on booking. It offers hot-spring bath and is a short walk from Hakone Train Station. We experience the hot spring in this hotel. You need to be naked when you are in hot spring. It is a tradition in Japan. You also can reserve a private spring in hotel if you are not used to be naked in public. 223417zezeme2t2e1eu0x0.jpg.thumb.jpg223419ip0l52xi8sxk82xk.jpg.thumb.jpg

Day 6-10 will be written on the last chapter “going to Japan to see sakura (3)” haha.


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