Chasing northern lights in Tromso

Conditions to see aurora

It must be the clear sky with less cloud cover if you drive to chase lights. Dark sky and solar activity are necessary elements to see aurora. The weather condition is also important. The last thing you need is lucky and waiting for it. We chased lights for two nights. At the first night of chasing northern lights, we drove from Tromso to Finland because there are too much clouds in Tromso. Unfortunately, solar activity did not occur. At the second night, we drove to boundary of Sweden. But there is windy and snowy with cloud in Sweden. We didn’t see the aurora but definitely will try next time.


↑ (aurora pic from


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The best time of the year to see Aurora

Auroras occur throughout the year but the light summer months render them invisible to the eye so the rest of the year is a better choice. From January to March, these are probably the most popular months for Aurora hunting because there are long dark nights and plenty of snow to play.

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Entertainment while waiting for aurora

We booked a northern lights tour. The mini bus pick-up and drop-off at our hotel and provide thermal suits and boots to keep warm. We have a wonderful campfire and outdoor experience. We drink hot chocolate, eat stew beef and roast marshmallow while sitting around the fire. Roasting marshmallow is my favorite food. I came from the southern part of China and studied in London. It is hard to see that snow lay thick on the ground. Even though I haven’t seen the northern lights, it is a special and enjoyable experience for us. If you go to Norway, you also can try dogsledding, whale-watching and snowmobile. We didn’t make it because of the rainy weather.

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There is a nice view of arctic cathedral and it is even more spectacular at night.



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