Hotel Recommendation in Sri Lanka

What impressed me most is characteristic hotel in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is an island country in South Asia near south-east India. It was dominated by Holland in 1656 and colonized by the United Kingdom, which might be the reason why there are different characteristic hotel.


The first one I want to recommend is Heritance Kandalama, which located in Sigiriya. ‘The hotel is built into a natural rock outcrop within a jungle setting and overlooks the Kandalama Reservoir. Designed by Deshamanya Geoffrey Bawa, it is the first hotel in the world to be LEED certified. The hotel was also the first in Asia to be Green Globe certified for its ecotourism best practices.’ (Wikipedia)


When I walk into the hotel, I feel like walking into a jungle with fantastic building. The combination of nature and hotel is harmonious. Even the shower room is built by glasses. You can take a shower while seeing the jungle. There are naughty monkeys would steal your food in the balcony. It is amazing that you can watch them from your bedroom, which makes you feel living in a jungle. The sightseeing from the swimming pool will be one of the favorite part of the hotel. If I go to Sri Lanka again, I will choose to spend a whole day in this hotel.



The Hill Club is another hotel I want to recommend, which located in Nuwara Eliya. What attracts me at first is the interesting history of this hotel. ‘The Hill Club was founded in 1876 by W.H. Walker, J. Wickwar and H. Saunders. The current building dates from the 1930s, when it was built by the British, Colombo-based firm of Edwards, Reid and Begg. The Club did not allow membership to women or locals until 1967.’ (Hill Club Website) I am curious about the hotel which did not allow women live in the past. It is an English colonial architecture with wooden staircases, high roofs, hardwood floors, fire places and antique furniture. It is cold in Nuwara Eliya at night and the heating system is not very good. And they prepare hot-water bag and put it in your bed before going back to hotel, which is so considerable and makes me feel living in one hundred years before. Dressing up formally to enjoy a meal in this hotel is also a good choice.




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