Chasing northern lights in Tromso

Conditions to see aurora

It must be the clear sky with less cloud cover if you drive to chase lights. Dark sky and solar activity are necessary elements to see aurora. The weather condition is also important. The last thing you need is lucky and waiting for it. We chased lights for two nights. At the first night of chasing northern lights, we drove from Tromso to Finland because there are too much clouds in Tromso. Unfortunately, solar activity did not occur. At the second night, we drove to boundary of Sweden. But there is windy and snowy with cloud in Sweden. We didn’t see the aurora but definitely will try next time.

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First time to Paris, a must-see list

Eiffel Tower is one of the most famous building and recognizable structures in the world. The tower is 324 meters and it is the tallest building in Paris. It is different sightseeing from top-down view and down-top view. You even might enjoy queueing because you can see Eiffel Tower in different angles and different time. I recommend that you can go there around 4pm. When you get to the top of tower, you can enjoy the extraordinary sunset and take a phone of sunset with the top view of whole Paris. If you go there in winter, it is better to wear warm. It’s windy and cold on the tower. Eiffel Tower is a worthy tourist attraction!

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When someone mentions Turkey, the first impression is hot air balloon. That is the main reason why I want to travel to Turkey. It is said there is the most beautiful hot air ballon in the world. I spent five days in Turkey and went to Istanbul, Cappadocia and Pamukkale. It is just a small part of turkey but I want to share experience, tourist attractions and interesting things in these places. Continue reading “Turkey”